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Whole Polished Sorghum Groats
Whole Polished Sorghum Groats
Split Sorghum Groats
Split Sorghum Groats
Whole Grain Sorghum Flour
Whole Grain Sorghum Flour
Хлопья спельтовые крафт.jpg
Spelt flakes
Крупа спельтовая_edited.jpg
Spelt Groats

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This is the section "Recipes". The very place to tell your story and share proven recipes, cooked with your own hands delicious food. Write how it all began, how you came up with the idea and what it led to. People will be interested to see and learn, what they are looking for, and what has already been tested by their own experience, so do not be afraid to share real recipes for gluten-free foods.


without gluten

In this section, we will try to talk about the rules and recommendations for gluten-free meals.

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