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What is a gluten-free diet?

People who have ever wondered about nutrition, they know about such methods of losing weight, when something is excluded from the diet. Some people are prohibited from carbohydrates, others remove unsaturated fats, while others refuse from products of animal origin. In our case, the "gluten-free" diet suggests a rejection of gluten.

In the case of fats and carbohydrates, everything is very clear - losing weight refuses them, because they see in these substances a lot of calories. But the principle of excluding gluten in the diet is different. To understand it, you need to understand what is gluten.

What is gluten?

Gluten is one of the types of protein whose main property is stickiness. That's why it is often called gluten. Due to the ability to glue together substances with high gluten content easily form a homogeneous mass: first of all, it is flour.

Gluten is found in large quantities in such cereals as wheat, barley, rye. The dough, obtained from the flour of these rocks, is easily mixed with water, it turns out plastic and pliable. This is the direct merit of gluten - more than half of the grain mass.

Why should gluten be discarded?

Considering that the gluten-free diet initially had only medical significance, it can be assumed that certain glands are treated against gluten. One of them - celiac disease - gluten intolerance. In people suffering from this disease, glycogen causes inflammation of the intestinal walls, which causes direct damage due to the complication of digestion.

According to the World Health Organization celiac disease, about 1-1.5% of people on the planet are ill. This figure is relatively small, and for them a gluten-free diet is a forced measure, that necessity, without which they can not normally live.

But celiac disease is not the only reason to give up gluten. This protein even in healthy people aggressively affects the villi of the intestines, which leads to poor digestibility of food.

Young people do not have to worry about this, because their body is able to cope with the complexities themselves. Those whose age is more than 40 years old, doctors recommend to reduce the amount of gluten in food, or even switch to a gluten-free diet.

What can not be eaten?

There is a large list of products with an extremely high content of gluten. All of them are produced using wheat, barley and rye. It is necessary to abandon all products containing them. In some products, which at first glance may seem harmless from the point of view of the diet we are considering, gluten is also contained. As a rule, on such products manufacturers honestly write "contains gluten."

Products containing gluten:

  • groats: semolina, wheat, artek, pearl barley, barley

  • wheat, rye, barley bran and flakes

  • pasta

  • bread including whole grains and rye

  • various breads, crackers

  • confectionery

  • products using the test: dumplings, vareniki, manti ie. all that contains flour

  • beer

  • kvass

  • gravy, seasonings and sauces

  • cutlets and meatballs (if bread is added to minced meat)

  • various yoghurts with the addition of fiber and bran

What can you eat?

Having studied the list of prohibited products gluten-free diet, you might think that on this diet will have to starve. Indeed, gluten is found in many dishes that we are accustomed to consider useful, but the wedge did not match them. There are foods that can fill the vacant place in the diet.

Using a "diet without gluten" you can use such side dishes as rice, buckwheat, potatoes. You can also try some exotic cereals that do not contain gluten - amaranth, kinoa. Accordingly, products made from rice, buckwheat flour are also allowed.

A person who for one reason or another has chosen a gluten-free diet, you can eat all kinds of meat and fish, using any means of processing them. The same applies to eggs, vegetable and butter. Like many others, a gluten-free diet for weight loss involves a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet, which will help to prevent a shortage of vitamins.

Products without gluten:

  • beans

  • peas

  • corn

  • rice

  • buckwheat

  • quinoa

  • sorghum

  • soybeans

  • lentils

  • potatoes

  • meat

  • fish

  • nuts

  • eggs

  • vegetables and fruits

  • fermented milk products and cheeses

Sample menu for a gluten-free diet for a week

Our sample menu for a gluten-free diet for a week demonstrates how you can combine the products allowed on this diet and not suffer from the scarcity of the diet. We increased the protein content in the menu, so that if the diet is not suffering, the muscles, over the growth and condition of which our readers are feeding.




  • Breakfast - porridge of rice with a small number of berries, bread from corn flour, tea or coffee

  • Lunch - cheese soup with spinach, large portion of baked breast with potatoes, vegetable salad, tea or coffee

  • Snacks - toast of corn bread with cottage cheese, 2 any fruit

  • Dinner - millet porridge, some nuts, kefir or yogurt without additives






  • Breakfast - cottage cheese with berries, rice loaves, honey, tea or coffee

  • Lunch - chicken soup, pilaf, vegetable salad, tea or coffee

  • Snacks - banana, bitter chocolate

  • Dinner - baked potatoes, salmon, tea or coffee






  • Breakfast - omelette with cheese, gluten-free bread, tea or coffee

  • Lunch - fish soup, rice, chicken cutlet, vegetable salad, tea or coffee

  • Snack - rice flour bun with jam, yogurt without additives or kefir

  • Dinner - curd casserole with rice flour, 2 fruits





  • Breakfast - carrot salad with olive oil, nuts, grilled cheese, tea or coffee

  • Lunch - vegetable soup, beans in tomato, chop, tea or coffee

  • Snacks - fruit salad, cottage cheese

  • Dinner - pancakes with rice flour, stewed fish, tea or coffee





  • Breakfast - corn flakes with yoghurt without additives, 2 fruits

  • Lunch - borscht with meat, gluten-free pasta, meatballs, tea or coffee

  • Snacks - cheese, fruit

  • Dinner - buckwheat porridge with boiled breast, tea or coffee





  • Breakfast - pancakes made with buckwheat flour, honey, kefir

  • Lunch - cabbage soup, chicken cutlet with rice, tea or coffee

  • Snacks - 2 fruits, nuts

  • Supper - stewed vegetables with mushrooms, fish in foil






  • Breakfast - syrniki with the use of potato starch, dried fruits, tea or coffee

  • Lunch - cheese soup, baked fish, buckwheat, tea or coffee

  • Snacks - oven apples with nuts

  • Dinner - boiled chicken, vegetable salad, yogurt without additives or kefir


Advantages and disadvantages of a gluten-free diet

Pluses of the gluten-free diet:

  • Simple, healthy food.

  • It's easy to stick.

  • It restores the microflora and heals the intestines (especially important for patients with celiac disease).

  • Discharges toxins from the body.

  • Very useful for young children (with unformed digestion, gluten causes colic and gas formation).


Minuses of gluten-free diet:


  • Possible shortage of vitamins (especially group B) and minerals.

  • It's hard to stick to pasta lovers, bread and dumplings.


In comparison with other diet-restricting diets, gluten-free is much less dangerous due to a large list of available meals. In this regard, the probability of a breakdown on it is minimal, as is the danger of lack of nutrients and vitamins.

The use of a gluten-free diet is mandatory for patients with celiac disease and is recommended to the older generation, for them, diet deficiencies are reduced to zero. However, for other categories there are more effective diets, especially in terms of quality of weight loss.

The result

Rejection of flour products and sweets within the gluten-free diet really helps to reduce weight, but this does not make it effective in terms of losing weight. Pay attention to keto-, palaeo- and Mediterranean diets, and leave gluten-free products on store shelves for those who really need them. Better yet, just count the calories and observe the covenants of proper nutrition, then weight loss will come, without giving up any products.

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