Мука из сорго. Выпечка.


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Крупа, мука, сорго
Крупа, мука, сорго
Сорговая мука. Хлеб.


Sorghum comes from equatorial Africa, where the largest variety of forms of this plant is now concentrated. Sorghum is sometimes called Sudanese grass, but its homeland is Ethiopia. This same point of view is shared by some American scientists. In China sorghum is known for 2000 years BC. e. In Africa, several varieties of this herb are cultivated, in particular:

Grain or cultural sorghum - in fact, a plant of the family of bluegrass, the grain of which resembles the kind of millet. Sorghum, unlike many other cereals, is perennial, and is a relatively unpretentious plant.

Groats of sorghum, is an excellent seasoning for protein dishes, sometimes it is seasoned and baked, unleavened cakes, and a local analogue dumplings.

Sorghum porridge is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. In 100 g contains about 65 grams of carbohydrates, due to the wealth of fiber you do not expect a "sugar stroke". Groats are digested slowly, and give a gradual influx of useful energy. Unlike, for example, peeled white rice and macaroni from fine grinding flour, sorghum is recommended to lose weight. How much can you eat a sorghum on a diet? Naturally, you should not make cereals the basis of your diet, as 5-6 servings of it - this is already too much. But 2-3 100-gram portions of different cereals per day will suit most active people physically, trying to lose weight.

Sorghum can be "used" in all the dishes that you are accustomed to cook with brown rice. The ideal combination is sorghum plus a low-fat source of protein, which is "easy" for digestion. Prepare pilaf from sorghum without butter, but with spices and prawns, add it as a garnish to the usual chicken breasts, be sure to eat and vegetables too, and you will get an almost perfect balanced lunch.

Sorghum is often ground into flour, from which, in turn, various cereals, bread, bread baking mixes, drinks are added, added to the first and second courses, sweet cakes, sugared agave, or carob, fresh, with sea salt and spicy herbs. In addition, "flour" (it is obtained with significant impregnations of fiber) is used as a body scrub. Modern doctors argue that sorghum is one of the most useful cereals for humans, with respect to the lack of components that cause allergies, and simple carbohydrates that cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Quality unrefined sorghum brews a little longer than usual, but it is shown even to people with diabetes. In addition, this porridge will help meet the body's need for magnesium and zinc - very important minerals for everyone who wants to maintain peace and health of the nervous system. In small quantities, the croup contains calcium and sodium. Sorghum is a source of folic acid, its use is indicated by planning a pregnancy (both parents), and future mothers. In addition, sorghum thiamine and riboflavin are vitamins that improve the standing of retinal tissues, prevent so-called night blindness, and be a good prevention of age-related changes in the eyes - cataracts and glaucoma. In addition, sorghum contains a certain amount of vitamin C, and can be an additional source of this important vitamin, responsible in the human body for the recovery processes and health of the immune system. In countries where sorghum is spread (Indonesia, Africa, South America), foods and foods from it are eaten from small to large, and the product is considered good for baby food.

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