Recipe for gluten-free flour, including sorghum

"Recipe for gluten-free flour from a mixture of rice, millet flour (millet), sorghum flour and potato starch." We successfully used this mixture in our test recipes for gluten-free baking.
The products are pleasant to the taste. "

Author of the recipe: fioa

сорговая мука, сорго, мука, безглютеновая, без глютена, целиакия, купить муку, купить мука без глютена


It turns out: 1 kg of flour

200 g of sorghum flour
300 g of rice flour
200 g millet flour (millet (millet), not wheat!)
300 g of potato starch


Cooking method:

Preparation: 10min> Total time: 10min
Add all the ingredients to the container with the lid. Close and shake to the ingredients

evenly mixed.
The flour should be stored in a dark cool place or refrigerator. It is possible to freeze such flour, in this case the shelf life is up to 8 months. The main thing is to close the container tightly.

Крупа, мука, сорго

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